There are many ways in which a swim team parent can volunteer at an SA hosted swim meet.

Perhaps the most important is to become a USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Judge and be trained to preside over the fair and equitable competition for ALL of the athletes under your purvue. The first step in this aspiration is to attend a USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Clinic. Please click here to see a list of currently offered clinics in the Potomac Valley Swimming LSC (Local Swim Committee). If the computer or timing of the meet is more your thing, there are clinics for those which are even offered online so you can take it at your convenience. 

Another way to help out at a meet is to be a marshal. Marshals help maintain safety and equilibrium on the pool deck and in the stands at a swim meet. This is not a power trip position but one which aids the Referee in conducting the meet in a safe and reasonable manner, for the benefit of the athletes. The marshal position is also very important as it is sometimes the front line between the athlete and some unsafe sport activity occurring in the pool arena. Since we share the venue with the public it is important to be always watchful of situations which might pose a threat to our kids.